Welcome to a world where your company event, conference, or team building away day transforms from routine to remarkable. 

Example of one of the company values at an event for 300+ people

Collaborative team building in groups of 10, whereby each group had craft items and they had to fill in the blanks on a box lid that when put together created one of the values

(5 values in total)

I specialise in crafting engaging, innovative, and impactful facilitated experiences that not only meet your objectives but exceed your expectations. 

Whether it's a dynamic corporate conference where you need something a bit more serious, a creative team-building day for hundreds of people, an escape room based tabletop exercise or an immersive treasure hunt for 10, my approach ensures each event is memorable and meaningful. 

So many ideas, so many possibilities - Tell me what you want to achieve, and I’ll give you any number of ideas to choose from. If you already know what you want, let me add a smatter of sparkle!

Conferences that ignite inspiration and engagement

My approach turns up the excitement and dials into deep engagement, ensuring every participant is hooked from before you even get started.

We create an atmosphere where motivation blooms and innovative ideas flourish, leaving your team inspired and eager for action.

Creative Team Building: Unleashing potential together

Forget mundane team-building exercises; our events are designed to ignite collaboration and fun.

From hands-on workshops that resolve team tensions to exhilarating away days packed with activities, we ensure that your team not only bonds but also grows stronger together.

Bespoke programs cater to your specific goals, whether enhancing communication, boosting creativity, setting strategy or reinforcing teamwork.

Team building event making wooden signs

Still one of my favourites - meeting Eddie the Eagle at a conference in 2021 - he blew my little session out of the water!

Practical dementia training for carers

Expertly crafted, seamlessly executed

The path to a successful event can be fraught with challenges, but with my expert facilitation, you're in safe hands. Be partners in company event success planning from start to finish, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision. Our well-organised approach means you can relax and enjoy the event, knowing that everything is executed flawlessly.


Transformative experiences: Sparking Real Change

At the heart of company events should be a wish to ensure they are transformative experiences that participants remember.

We create an engaging, inclusive environment that fosters open dialogue and collaborative problem-solving, strategic insight, unique bonding experiences, an opportunity to have real discussions, or just time to unwind.

With a deep passion for enhancing human connections and a commitment to excellence, let me bring your corporate events to life with a blend of professionalism, creativity, and genuine enthusiasm for what I do.

Let's craft your next event so that it inspires, engages, and connects people.

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