Specialising in home care

With a track record of creating award winning, game-changing courses and providing exceptional services, I am passionate about helping registered managers and home care business owners transform their businesses.

With over 35 years’ experience in HR and training, a number of years in adult social care, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical skills from various industries, including the last 3 years working in home care.

Having helped a number of new franchise partners build their businesses from the ground up, and designed and developed an award winning online training Academy, I know what works (and more importantly what doesn't!).

Typically, people and processes with a sprinkling of communication are at the heart of every successful business.

Why I Care and Why You Should Too

Having journeyed through the realms of adult social care, especially in the dynamic world of home care, I've witnessed first-hand the profound impact that exceptional care can have on individuals.

However, alongside those heart warming moments, I've also been privy to tales of the detrimental effects of poor care.

I've been in the trenches, working side by side with dedicated managers and business owners who often find themselves navigating the turbulent waters of overwhelm and overload. I've experienced the same challenges they grapple with – the struggles, the burnout, and the uphill battles. I've seen talented individuals leave the industry, their potential untapped simply because a different approach or a little bit more help could have made all the difference.

It hits home when new managers, initially excellent carers, are thrust into leadership roles or new business owners start a home care business without the crucial knowledge and training they need. It's a common story, and I've been there, seen it unfold, and felt the reverberations throughout the industry.

So, why do I care? Because I've been in the thick of it, felt the pulse of the industry, and seen the immense power of compassionate and well-managed care.

And why should you care? Because together, we can change the narrative, empower managers, elevate care standards, and ensure that everyone – from caregivers to those receiving care – thrives in an environment of expertise, support, and respect.

Join me in making a difference in the world of home care. It's about showing you how to do it, not just telling you.


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My values


Being truthful in what you say and do.


Your success is my success. If I can't do it, I will tell you why.


Empowering care leaders to build and grow exceptional services.


Creativity and forward thinking that drives positive change in care.


Not afraid to explore, try, question and turn things inside out.

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